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Olivia Simone is a Marketing major with minors in Entrepreneurship and Arabic. Some of Olivia's passions include fashion, creating, writing, and discovering new thingsOlivia's aspirations are a little all over the place, however, she knows for certain she wants to make her mark on the world. Whether she's the CEO of her own company, a business woman, fashion designer, creative director, or blogger/influencer, Olivia is excited to pursue all that makes her passionate. Olivia's bucket list includes: attending New York Fashion Week & Met Gala, living in Paris, working in New York, to be a Forbes 30 Under 30 lister, and eating her way through all 7 continents. Olivia hopes this blog will aspire her readers to always LIV in Style. 

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Olivia Simone

Blogger & Entrepreneur 

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