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The Year of The Parisian

Updated: May 24, 2022

"Fashion changes, but style endures" - Coco Chanel

Happy New Year!

Looking back on my 2021 fashion forecast, I am quite proud of my intuition. There were a few misses, but many hits. We saw an excess of knits, crazy patterns, 70's inspired style, and an emergence of people testing the limits of their own personal style. 2021 was a year of maximalism, bright colors, and experimenting with textures.

We've experienced the unpredictability of 2021 and now it is time to look into 2022 with optimism, clarity, and comfort. In terms of fashion I think this mindset will manifest in the form of minimalism and an insurgence of classic/basic pieces. I've decided to name it the year of "The Parisian" - the effortless class and elegance of French style using a capsule wardrobe and timeless accessories.

My inspiration this year is coming from chic women like @mimiarr, @clairerose, @annelauremais, and @zoiamossour on Instagram.

The Parisian (and European in general) style consists of doing the most with a few basics in neutral colors, plus a focus or statement piece. Personally, this is a style that I am going to attempt to master in 2022. The tousled but effortlessly elegant French look is timeless, therefore, I am looking to make it my new signature style.

How I Plan to Adopt The Parisian look: a step by step process

Let's be honest, we all have clothing we wear on repeat and clothing that sits in our closet only to be worn once. For whatever reason our clothing collecting dust are also the pieces we refuse to get rid of.

What I love about this minimalist style is its aspect of sustainability. By having neutral basics in your wardrobe the combination of outfits is endless. Narrowing down your closet to just a few solid pieces allows for different looks through mix and matching, and of course accessorizing is essential. In the words of Coco Chanel, before you leave the house look in the mirror and remove one accessory. Less is more in 2022.

STEP 1 This month I am going through my closet and finally letting go of pieces I haven't worn in years. I plan on keeping my beloved basics like jeans, solid color tops, mini skirts, blouses, trousers, dresses, blazers, and of course some funky pieces I'm too attached to (oops). While going through my wardrobe it will be important to keep in mind The Parisian color pallet - white, black, cream, and grey. My hopes are to narrow down my closet and have it be filled with pieces that are worn on a regular basis.

STEP 2 In 2022 I am shopping with a purpose. In an attempt to keep my wardrobe minimalistic I won't be adding too many new pieces to my closet. However I do have a plan in mind which is why I'm so excited to do my fashion research this year!! The items I add to my closet will be good quality, meant to last, and timeless. Although this might mean shelling out a little more than usual on clothing, I am willing to make the sacrifice for items I will wear for years to come. As of now I am looking at Aritzia and Banana Republic. If you know of any classic brands you love please email me at or DM me on Instagram @liv.instyleee :)

STEP 3 It's time to accessorize! In a majority of the photos I've been pulling inspiration from, there is always a focus piece. I'm using the term "focus" rather than "statement" because these pieces aren't always extremely eye catching but they play an pivotal role in bringing the outfit together. Whether it be a purse, hat, scarf, chunky boots, or belt the focus always complements the outfit and never draws to much attention. In terms of jewelry I'm a gold girl through and through, but I'd love to lean towards pearls and dainty gems for an eye-catching pop of color.

With these three steps I plan on adopting The Parisian style, as well as lifestyle. When I think of Paris I think of romance. In 2022 I'm excited to continue to romanticize the mundane and live life with a sort of effortless and graceful joie de vivre.

Check out my Pinterest board stocked full of Parisian outfit inspo!

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