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The Off Duty Model

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

How does the paparazzi always catch celebrities looking effortlessly chic, while wearing super minimalistic outfits? Well, with a few simple tricks you can elevate your look and style your clothing like an off duty model.


To start, let's get the base down. When picking out your garments stick with colors such as black, white, and other neutral tones. Find a comfy pair of joggers, an oversized pair of jeans, or loose pair of linen pants. Next, pick out a more form fitting top, crop top, tank, or tee shirt you can tuck in. The goal is to have the bottom half more oversized than your top for an elongating illusion. Alternatively, if you choose to wear a skinny jean or more form fitting pant be sure to pair it with an oversized blazer or jacket to keep the off duty style. Lastly, find a pair of white bulky sneakers or Doc Martin-esc boots. The great part about this look is that it is incredibly versatile and can be dressed up with just a pair of heels and elaborate jewelry.

Now that we have our base, it's time to elevate your look. The key to this style is to pick a statement piece. This can be an oversized blazer, leather jacket, chunky jewelry, or your favorite bag. Personally, my fav way to achieve the off duty model look is with jewelry. I usually stick with gold because of its elegance and ability to make any simple outfit look luxurious. I am a big fan of hoops, so to make them stand out I like to wear thicker versions. I found a pair of chunky gold hoops at Urban Outfitters that I pair with a variety of necklaces. For necklaces I find it's best to play around with a combination of styles, this way you can add a unique and signature element to your look.

Here is some gold necklace layering inspo, including my own combo of necklaces I like to wear with the chunky hoops I mentioned earlier.

Style Tip: to find unique necklaces check out Etsy or other small businesses


I have enlisted the help of some of my most stylish friends to put together a look book for more outfit inspiration!

Special thanks to Zahra, Ana, Brent, Akbar, Sara, Jamie, & Ethan

The Blazer

Over Sized & Comfy

Top it off with a Hat

Crop It

Need more?

Search "off duty model" on Tik Tok for tons of style videos or hop on Google and search for paparazzi pictures of your favorite celebrities.

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