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Mirror Mirror

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy at home during this quarantine, and finding ways to stay busy. My sisters and I have been keeping ourselves occupied with online school, baking, movies, and YouTube yoga. While this is all great, staring at computer screens and eating chocolate chip cookies have become a bit monotonous.

Growing up my sisters and I used to love having photoshoots. Now, with my older sister and me away at college, time for these sort of things has slipped away. However, with all three of us stuck in quarantine together we've decided to kick-start our creative roots by having photoshoots again! Although these are strange and tough times, I have to say I've really enjoyed the time I've been able to spend with my family.

In this blog I will be showing you how to recreate this shoot, introduce you to an editing app must-have, and give you some inspo on how you can stay creative and busy during the quarantine!


For those of you who are active on Tik Tok this photoshoot idea may seem very familiar. Recently my sisters and I have seen "outdoor mirror" photoshoots everywhere on social media and decided it was time to give it a try.

Things you will need:

  1. Mirror

- any mirror that you can easily detach from a wall in your house (with permission) will be perfect for this shoot. Full length mirrors also work great

2. Camera

- In my photos we used a Canon Powershot G7x, however any camera will do especially an iPhone or any mobile device that takes pictures

3. A helping hand (OPTIONAL)

- The classic mirror selfie is a must for this photoshoot, but to elevate it a little

more I had my sister take photos of my reflection in the mirror without getting

herself in the frame

4. Prequel (OPTIONAL)

- This editing app that we found on Tik Tok is free in the app store and

adds a dreamy effect on photos as well as other awesome effects you can play

around with (non-sponsored)

5. Snapseed by Google (OPTIONAL)

- Snapseed is an editing app my sister used in all her photos in this blog. She first selected the "brush" feature, then altered the exposure and saturation to give her photos a more professional and vibrant look.

Posing Tip!

Not sure where to place your hands? No problem! Framing your face with a gentle touch is always a go to move for me. Placing your hand under your chin or even delicately placed on your neck makes for an elegant photo. Remember to always make sure your hands are clean before touching your face!!

Classic mirror selfie

Since you are outside with your mirror why not take a selfie? This change of scenery makes for a fun and fresh twist on your classic mirror picture.


Below are photos I edited using the app Prequel and a photo of how the app appears in the App Store for iPhone's. For all three photos I went to "Effects" and played around until I found some really amazing filters. The photo that resembles a magazine cover was made using the effect called "Quarantine." This effect offers 9 magazine cover templates, all modeled after famous magazines, into which you can place your photo. Both photos on the far left were edited using the effect "Bling." This effect allows you to play around with the intensity of the stars, the saturation of the pink filter, and the size and rotation of the stars. In addition to these two effects the app has a bunch of other amazing editing options you can explore when downloading the app! (non-sponsored)

Here are some people you can check out on social media who gave me inspiration for this shoot :)

If you want more photos for reference I would definitely recommend looking up "mirror challenge outside" on Tik Tok for posing, outfits, and more tips on how to create your own mirror pictures outside.


Wishing you all a safe and healthy quarantine. Don't forget to stay home, wash your hands, and always LIV in Style <3

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