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Meet the Creatives Part 2

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Welcome back to part 2 of Meet the Creatives, where I give you an inside look at those who are currently pursuing an education in the arts. Last week you got to hear from students currently studying film and music. This week we are diving into fashion and media (my two favorite things).

I have learned so much from everyone I have interviewed and am excited to share with you the wisdom I have gathered along the way!

Enjoy and be sure to check out part 1 if you haven't already :)


Sofia Proen

College for Creative Studies // Fashion accessories design

Unsure of what her future would hold Sofia experimented with different majors and schools, but still couldn't figure out what she truly wanted to do. Sofia explained, "I ended up studying at a community college first semester, and I took some art classes. My parents really pushed me into doing it because it's something I've always been good at, but I never really took it seriously." After falling in love with a graphic design class, Sofia finally knew the path she wanted to take.

Sofia was drawn to the College of Creative Studies in Detroit after discovering they offered a major in fashion. She excitedly talked to me about her new curriculum and a class she'll be taking called collection design, where she will have to create an entire collection based on a luxury designer.

Sofia's advice to anyone on the fence about pursuing a career in fashion is to "apply and do it! You don't have to know anything about it, that's one of the most important things. If you love clothes, if you love shopping, if you love fashion shows, get into this major. It's amazing and it's fun. You're doing what you're passionate about which is the most important thing."

I asked Sofia about her goals for the future. She responded, "My biggest goal would definitely be opening my own high fashion house in Paris or Milan, and having my own runway shows."

Wolfgang Ruth

Michigan State University // Journalism with a minor in photojournalism

I had the pleasure of working with Wolfgang this year at VIM magazine, Michigan State's fashion and lifestyle publication. Wolfgang, the co-editor-in-chief, orchestrated a stunning print and digital magazine each semester (even in quarantine).

Wolfgang, a recent college graduate, decided to pursue journalism "to investigate and tell the stories of people, ideas, culture, entertainment and digital culture." He continued to tell me that there is "so much to learn from people, in your community and outside it." Wolfgang shared that he has navigated the modern world of social media storytelling in recent years, which has allowed him to become more elaborate and collaborative with his craft.

I asked Wolfgang if there was anything he wished he would have known before pursuing a career in media. He responded, "with journalism and this broad industry of media, publishing, etc., there's so much to learn every single day. So I don't really choose to reflect on what I wish I would have known in the past; rather, I'm eager to always learn and find things out in real-time." 

Wolfgang has had the opportunity to write and work for some very well known publications such as PopSugar, NYLON, GQ, and PAPER, just to name a few. Wondering which he was most proud of Wolfgang responded, "this piece I wrote for Refinery29 last summer: The Rainbow Tattoo I Waited Forever For. It's one of the most personal and special things I've worked on in my career thus far. I was even on R29's Snapchat Discover for this story, too!"

Dianne Avila

Michigan State University // Political science and apparel and textile design

Dianne has always had an interest in fashion and clothing. When entering college she wasn't sure if she would be able to make a career out of it, so she decided to follow her second passion - politics. Dianne's decision to double major in political science and apparel and textile design was largely because she knew she was missing that "creative outlet" in her life.

Dianne, a recent college graduate, is currently working with an emerging sustainable streetwear brand called Deviate in Detroit. She went on to tell me she wants "current apparel and textile design students to know that there is opportunity in Michigan."

While working with Deviate, Dianne also told me she is in the process of applying to graduate schools abroad. "There's better everything when it comes to fashion abroad... all the luxury brands are there, and the career I want in haute couture, especially, is a big thing abroad."

I asked Dianne about the challenges she has faced while learning and finding her way through the fashion industry. She emphasized how "easy it is to get lost. Every designer wants to make it big but you don't realize how different you have to be, how innovative you have to be in order to actually stand out."

Above is a photo from Dianne's portfolio, which she said is heavily influenced by her culture. "I'm Hispanic, so my culture is very lively, very bright, with a lot of embroidery." Dianne went on to say she "really wants to take the tradition and the value of everything that's made over there and bring it to the US. It's kind of best of both worlds for me."


I hope you enjoyed the second segment of Meet the Creatives!

Part 3 will be coming soon so stay tuned

and as always keep LIVing in Style :)

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