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Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Guide

You've got a little less than a week until Valentine's Day... are you ready?

If you just answered "no" I've got you covered (even if you said "yes" stick around for some more ideas)! Get ready for some last minute, inexpensive, and meaningful gifts to give to that special someone this V-day.

Contrary to popular belief, Valentine's Day isn't only a day to celebrate with your significant other, but with everyone you love. Fun Fact: Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday because each year it brings me so much joy. People giving each other flowers, love letters, and chocolates will forever make me swoon. Valentine's Day should be spent with those you love, whether that be friends, siblings, parents, partners, co-workers, or even yourself (treat-yo-self!).

Here are a few little gift ideas to help you spread the love this Valentine's Day <3

1. The Classic Love Letter

Things you'll need:

- Paper

- Pen

- Brain

If you don't have these basics, I will be a tad concerned... anyhow, grab your pen and paper and write down your favorite pickup line, love poem, quote about love and/or friendship, or some sappy words from the heart.

To be more festive use a piece of pink or red colored paper, colorful markers, or stickers to jazz up your letter. I promise a hand written card will put a smile on anyone's face!

2. Elementary School Valentines

Remember when students used to pass out little valentines in elementary school? Well, they're for adults too! I think these cute and kiddie pre-made valentines are the perfect option if you are tight on time and money. I love this idea because of its nostalgia and playfulness.

3. Something Sweet

The way to a woman's heart is through her stomach. Whether it's a box of chocolates, cupcakes from Kroger, or homemade brownies, baked goods are always a safe bet. If your partner doesn't have a sweet tooth, some pizza places do heart shaped pizzas!

4. The Basket

Things you'll need:

- Woven basket or decorative large bowl or bucket

- List of your gift receiver's favorite things

- Ribbon (optional)

- Decorative tissue paper

The basket is a fun, easy, and customizable gift.

Step 1, find yourself a vessel to hold all your goodies. Something with a handle like a basket or bucket is preferred, but a big bowl will do just fine.

Step 2, run to the store and pick up items to put in your gift basket. Since this gift is very customizable there are many ways you can fill your basket. You can ether pick out your persons favorite foods/items or pick a theme (spa, baking, gardening). Tip: try and pick items that have varying heights. The tallest goodies will be in the back, and the shortest in the front to give your basket depth.

Step 3, assemble by putting decorative tissue paper on the bottom your basket. Then strategically place your items into the basket and be aware of height placement (mentioned in step 2). Lastly, tie a bow around the handle of your basket/bucket or around the base of your bowl - et voila!

5. Love Languages

Do you know your partners love language? There are 5 different love languages: words of affirmation, physical touch, receiving gifts, quality time, and acts of service.

- Words of affirmation #1 is the perfect gift. Tell that special someone how much they mean to you!

- Physical touch, cuddle up and watch a movie! Or make #4 into a spa basket and treat your partner to face masks and foot rubs.

- Receiving gifts, they will love #3&4. You can also never go wrong with simple jewelry or a sweet stuffed animal.

- Quality time, plan a date! Picnics aren't just for warm weather. Set up a picnic in your living room or build a fort with your partner and make a movie den! #4 can also be used to make a baking basket, this way you can spend time in the kitchen making dinner or baking a cake.

- Acts of service, complete tasks your partner has been too busy for. Does their car need a wash? Or an oil change? It's the little things that can mean the most! Another idea - switch roles. Does your partner always cook dinner? Switch it up and cook up a hot meal for the two of you.


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