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It's a Come Back!

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

In the fashion community, what goes around comes around. It's no wonder my mother always tells me she rocked these pants in 1990. Showing up all around the world in 2018, paper bag pants have made a major come back and are here to stay. Now the name might not be the cutest, but don't let that fool you these paper bag pants are beyond cute. With loose fitting pant legs and a cinched waist, paper bag pants give any body type a flattering figure. Best paired with a minimalist shirt, these pants look great with fitted crop tops, scoop neck/off the shoulder long sleeves, and even sophisticated dress shirts (just remember to always tuck in looser fitting tops to keep the illusion of a cinched waist). Down below, my beautiful friend Cassidy pairs both her looks with heels to give them more of a luxe and sharp vibe. Whereas I pair my pin striped pants with sandals to dress down the look for an everyday basis.

Get the look!

Beige pants - H&M

Pin stripped pants - H&M

Glen plaid pants - Zara

Black pants - Zara

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