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Glamorous in Gingham!

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

With the warm weather finally making an appearance, and summer beginning in just a few months, I've finally swapped all my fall/winter long sleeves and sweaters out for sundresses and tank tops.

Summer is the perfect time to be breaking out those playful patterns and bright colors that have been dormant all winter. This year, mix it up with gingham! This adorable picnic pattern is essential for any summer look! One of my favorite uses for gingham is color blocking. As seen in the first photo, pairing a solid pattern dress (like this cute mini dress from Brandy Melville) with a vibrant headband is a super easy and stylish way to dabble with color blocking. Also, gingham is such a must-have this year because is can be paired with literally anything, and still look amazing! Throw on a gingham jacket, like this uber comfy raincoat from Target (second photo), to add some pizzazz to an everyday look. Or just simply add a touch of gingham to some jean shorts and call it a day! The beauty of fashion is that there is no right or wrong way to wear something, so embrace gingham this summer and make it your own!

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