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Getting Cozy in Denim

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Straight from the 80's, fleece lined denim jackets are back, and better than ever! The most popular version of this jacket is the classic Levi's Trucker Jacket with warm Sherpa insulation, fitting for cooler temperatures. As we transition into spring, we often find ourselves contemplating on which jacket to wear out of the house in the morning. Is it too hot for a parka? Too cold for a windbreaker? Make this warm and cozy jean jacket your go-to spring coat! It's just right for those breezy spring days, but light enough to keep you comfortable in the sun. Sherpa jean jackets are super versatile. Be bold and sport a Justin and Brittany moment in a denim on denim look! Or layer it over a cute summery dress that isn't quite ready to be worn on it's own. The possibilities are endless with this adorable fleece lined jean jacket. Make sure to keep an eye out this spring, because it will definitely be making an appearance!

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