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Finding Motivation

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Hey! I hope you're doing well and enjoying the fall weather :)

Let's talk motivation and ideation. These two topics can be quite hard to harness especially in the COVID-19 era. Sitting at home and taking online classes can be quite monotonous. You may even find yourself struggling to stay motivated. If so, you are not alone.

Finding motivation has been extremely tough for me and my peers while taking online courses and attending events virtually. I've also found that as an entrepreneur I've been struggling to come up with new ideas and exciting/helpful content. If you follow LIV in Style on Instagram (@liv.instyleee) you know that I've had quite the creative block for a while now. Creative blocks, lack of motivation, and struggling with ideation are all completely normal phenomena for entrepreneurs, and students alike.

The best way to get your creative juices flowing is to watch and listen to others who are pursuing similar goals as you. For myself, I try my best to write down key take aways from TED Talks, calls with mentors, or speaker's events to help me achieve future goals.

If you are in need of a jolt of inspiration I have the perfect resources for you to check out this week.

1. Michigan State University Entrepreneur Association (MSUEA) is having a speaker series starting this Wednesday-Friday. This series is open to everyone not just MSU students. I encourage you to scroll through this link ( and find at least two speakers who interest you, and could potentially get you motivated!

Personally, I am very excited to speak with and interview Shaniqua Davis founder of Noirefy this Friday at 5 p.m. Her talk will focus on building your entrepreneurial tool box and mental health when becoming a founder.

Images from MSUEA

2. 16 Personalities Test (

Getting to know yourself is a key factor in finding what motivates you, and how you best generate ideas. Recently in my marketing course, we took this test as a way to see how we best communicate with others. After taking this quick and easy test I found out that I am a Campaigner (ENFP-T).

After being classified as one of the 16 personalities, the test also provides you with an in depth analysis of your personality. Along with your strengths, weaknesses, and other cool descriptions, the test provides you with a section for career opportunities.

Like many others, my test was very accurate. After reading my personality analysis I felt more reassured and confident in my strengths, and started brainstorming ways I can work on my weaknesses. Overall, taking this test gave me a boost of motivation and gave me a chance to get to know myself better.

Images from Google

3. Move your body!

If you're anything like me going on a run or lifting weights isn't very exciting and usually requires leaving your house. That being said, scheduling some sort of exercise into your day not only gives your day a little structure, but also gives your mind a mental break.

Yoga with Adriene ( on YouTube is one of my favorite ways to let my mind relax and get my body moving. The great part about Adriene's videos is that they are completely portable. You can play one of her videos in your room, the park, or any comfortable place of your choice. Her videos are also very diverse in difficulty and length.

If you are in need of a break from assignments and studying, try putting on one of Adriene's video and let your mind and body relax with some yoga!

Image from Google


Talk to you soon!

Stay safe, and remember to always LIV in Style :)

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