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Updated: Feb 8, 2021

No need to get attached, mix and match hair accessories with ease

Michigan has finally decided to warm up, which means bright colors are making their way out of hibernation! Wearing colorful clothing can sometimes be intimidating especially if your daily outfit consists of black and muted colors. So, instead of throwing on an electric blue jacket or neon yellow tank, consider taking baby steps and playing around with hair accessories!


Headbands, scrunchies, hair scarves, hats, and even hair clips are great ways to add a pop of color to an everyday look. When rolling out of bed in the morning I tend to gravitate toward comfier clothes (that don't always look the most presentable to be quite honest). However, fellow headband lover Kat Kondratyev states that hair accessories make an outfit look "more put together" and "make the simplest outfit just that much cuter."

So go ahead, throw on those leggings you've already worn twice this week and a large t-shirt. Simply tie a mini scarf around the base of your low pony, or tangle your hair into a top knot with a bulky headband. Next, strategically pull out a few pieces of hair at the front of your face, and/or those funky side burn wisps.... et voila! You've just mastered the effortlessly 'bedhead chic' look, that actually took about 20 minutes of fiddling with your hair, but it was worth it!

Hair accessories are also a great way to personalize an outfit. This year Maggie Sharp incorporated a personal touch into her prom ensemble. Sharp shared, "I felt it really added to my prom dress... and it was something different that I've never seen someone do for prom!"

Bella Zaleski, another prom attendee, matched textures by pairing a silky floral hair scarf with her satiny gown. "I wanted to stand out and look unique... but also trendy" said Zaleski, "I think it added exactly that and looked really elegant."

I couldn't agree more with hair accessory aficionado Molly Capelli when she says,

"I think it adds an extra layer of style to an outfit, and can help bring a look together."



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