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2021 Fashion Forecast

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Hello all and Happy New Year!

2020, as we all know, was an interesting year (to say the least). However, 2020 brought out people's confidence when it came to owning their fashion desires. In the comfort of our own homes we decided to dress up however we pleased, without judgement from school, work, or other external opinions. You'll see in this fashion forecast that we are 100% taking that confidence into 2021.

This year is all about the bold, bright, clashing, and unique. Not to worry though, 2021 will have many neutral and soft moments too. We'll also see that many 2021 trends will take inspiration from the 70s (a very vibrant, patterned, and bold era in fashion history).

Without further ado... here is my take on this year's fashion forecast to hopefully help you keep LIVing in Style. Enjoy :)

The 70s

As you scroll through this LIV in Style fashion forecast keep in mind the 70s era when you take a look at each trend. You'll notice that a majority of them are heavily influenced by the 70s. This period in fashion history was filled with bright colors, bold patterns, different textures, and style expression experimentation.


Soft shades of green made their debut towards the end of 2020 and they're here to stay. Be on the look out for lavender, mint, sage, tangerine, and pale yellow colors. Don't be afraid to mix and match pastels, especially purple and green.

Chunky Colorful Rings

Gold and silver will always be jewelry staples, but this year it's time to switch it up and get funky. These "La Manso" and "Mon Cher Moi" inspired rings have quickly made it to the top of many 2021 wish lists. Although these rings can be quite pricey, I can foresee mainstream companies making dupes shortly.

Bold Prints

Release your inhibitions... and buy some statement pieces for this year! The 70s vibes really shine through in this trend. The key to wearing any bold print is confidence and some great accessories. Mixing patterns can sometimes be a hit or miss so make sure your pairings have some cohesiveness, or don't (2021 is the year of funky fashion so why not).

Mesh & Revealing Seams

I wouldn't be surprised if mesh two-pieces and dresses started popping up in stores this spring and summer. The overlocked stitch (showing seams) gained momentum towards the end of 2020. I predict this stitch will start to be shown more with mesh rather than other fabrics for a delicate yet edgy look.

Knit & Crochet

Head to your nearest craft store and grab some yarn, these large knit/crochet sweaters will be an essential. In the photos below I added two versions of this trend. The top row is pastel spring colored sweaters that have a "homemade" feel to them. The bottom row is more sultry with earthy fall tones. However you choose to style this trend, be on the look out for knits and crotchet pieces in 2021.

Landscape Sweaters

I don't foresee this niche sweater lasting very long, however, it certainly will be relevant in the beginning months of 2021. These cozy sweaters typically depict farm animals and pasture scenes.

Brown & Neutrals

If you're not too keen on color there's no need to worry. Brown was the "it" color of 2020 and will still be relevant in 2021. I have an inkling that you'll be seeing brown a lot more in the form of cheetah print. I predict earth tones will continue to be trendy in 2021 (or at least I hope so).

Suit Vests

These were the only decent (ish) photos I could find of this trend... which might be for the best because this one isn't my favorite. However, if this is a trend you feel you might partake in start scouring the thrift stores before it becomes a hot commodity!!


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